Pediatric Hospice Care

Pediatric Hospice Care

Bristol Hospice Care provides developmentally appropriate hospice care to infants, children and adolescents with life-limiting conditions. Our pediatric doctors and nurses understand the difference between children and adults.

We understand that children respond differently to illness and treatment, as well as medications. Therefore, a unique care plan is developed for each child.

The hospice approach to care is holistic and includes emotional, spiritual, and practical support in addition to medical care. Each member of our care team undergoes specific and guided clinical pediatric competencies. The team also works with the individual’s community doctors and other providers, as well.

Family Centered Approach

Bristol Hospice Care supports the child as well as the entire family. We provide hands-on training and education for family members or caregivers. Counseling and emotional support are also offered to the family, including other children.

Bristol Hospice Foundation of CA Camps

Firmly believing in the holistic approach to hospice care, Bristol Hospice offers more than medical care. Understanding the heart of a child, we also offer wonderful Annual Kids Camps for bereaved children ages 6-16 through our Bristol Foundation.

Bristol Hospice Care Focuses on Quality

  • Nursing on call 24 hours / 7 days per week
  • Physician services
  • Medical Social Worker
  • Spiritual Care
  • Hospice Aide
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Volunteer Support
  • Medical Equipment & Supplies
  • Hospice Covered Medications
  • Bereavement Follow-up


Bristol Hospice is graciously committed to our mission that all patients and families entrusted to our care will be treated with the highest level of compassion, respect and quality of care.

Who Pays for Hospice Care?

Bristol Hospice accepts Medicaid, MediCal, private insurance and other forms of reimbursement for its pediatric services.

Did You Know?

Our pediatric patients may continue to receive aggressive treatment for their life-limiting illness, commonly referred to as ‘Concurrent Care’ meaning our patients and their families do not need to give up the services they are currently receiving to be on hospice.