Bristol Hospice Thurston’s program promotes quality and comprehensive hospice care for our patients, families, and communities. Bristol Hospice Thurston is licensed in accordance with state and federal hospice regulations.

Scope of Services

Bristol Hospice Thurston will provide hospice services to meet the physical, psychosocial, and spiritual needs of individuals at the end of life. We focus on an individualized plan of care which may include, as appropriate, the following services: nursing, physicians, hospice aides, spiritual support, therapy, dietary, counseling, volunteers, durable medical equipment, supplies, bereavement services and medications related to the terminal illness.

Bristol Hospice Thurston’s leadership team is committed to the company’s vision and mission in the delivery of our hospice services within our communities.


Bristol Hospice Thurston is graciously committed to becoming the provider of choice for hospice care.


Bristol Hospice Thurston is graciously committed to our mission that all patients and families entrusted to our care will be treated with the highest level of compassion, respect, and quality of care.